Resolving disputes is one of the fundamental functions of law. An experienced dispute resolution and litigation lawyer could provide you with guidance to resolve your problems using the most economic, convenient and efficient way without being cost prohibitive.

Brightstone Legal has capable litigation and dispute resolution teams specialising in both civil and criminal matters at laws courts of all levels. 

We handle claims and defences in the state Local, District and Supreme Courts as well as Federal Circuit and Federal Courts. We also actively defend summary offences in Local Courts and indictable offences in the District, Supreme and Federal Courts.

Will & Inheritance

Debt Recovery

Breach of Contracts

Building & Construction

Tenancy & Lease


Intellectual Property


Employment & Fair Work


Corporate Disputes

At Brightstone Legal, our multi-disciplinary legal team works with clients across a broad area of legal practice. 

Dispute Resolution and Litigation / Real Estate /Family Law/ Notary PublicFinancial Services / Criminal and Traffic Offence/ Immigration.

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Shuonan Zhao


Stephanie Wong


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