Breakups are often stressful and complicated enough without the need to involve lawyers. Uncertainty in how Australia’s complex legal system operates, and the complexity of emotions can make a difficult time even more so, especially with blended assets and finances.

At Brightstone Legal, we are dedicated to providing you with professional yet empathetic advice that will ease your way through these difficult times. We pride ourselves on our unique problem-solving approach to any issues you may have. 

Often, the average client does not realize that their matter may expand further than just a single area of law. In Australia’s increasingly diverse cosmopolitan society, it is common to see family law bleeding into the area of migration law.

We believe in taking a holistic and multi-faceted approach when it comes to our clients and making sure they understand the process. Whether seemingly simple, or complicated, we want to help and will go that extra mile for you. Some of the matters we can assist you with are:

Children & Custody

Property & Finances

Divorce & Separation

At Brightstone Legal, our multi-disciplinary legal team works with clients across a broad area of legal practice. 
Dispute Resolution and Litigation / Real Estate /Family Law/ Notary Public/ Financial Services / Criminal and Traffic Offence/ Immigration.

Not sure what you need help with?

Don’t worry, just book a time and talk to our solicitor and we’ll help you.

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