Brightstone Legal recognises the requisite level of regulation in the financial services industry and its associated risks. Our team of professionals can assist with securitisation of assets, facility management, funds management as well as financial services.

At Brightstone Legal, our multidisciplinary team works together closely to ensure that clients are provided with comprehensive and pragmatic solutions to structure their deals and navigate through the reforms within the financial services sector.


Our team is capable of integrating our understanding of current regulatory issues with our client’s business objectives and deliver a package of solution to accommodate and expand your business in this area. Integrated with our commercial legal practice, our services include:

  • Trust deeds/constitutions;
  • Securitisation, mortgage and personal property matters;
  • Co-investment agreements;
  • Australian Financial Services Licensing (AFSL) application and compliance;
  • Regulatory issues under the Corporations Act.

At Brightstone Legal, our multi-disciplinary legal team works with clients across a broad area of legal practice. 

Dispute Resolution and Litigation / Real Estate /Family Law/ Notary Public/ Financial Services / Criminal and Traffic Offence/ Immigration.

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