The real estate sector is one of the largest industries within Australian economy.

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land purchase

- Buying and selling vacant land and development site

The purchasing of a vacant land or development site can be rather complicated, and it is necessary to have a professional person to conduct the complicated aspects. We have rich experience in dealing with different types of land and provide proper advice considering its development potential. 

- Commercial & industrial properties acquisition and disposal

The purchase of off the plan properties is an investment in the future, this procedure involves many uncertain factors and expectations for future homes. Our experienced real estate lawyers have accumulated experience from thousands of cases in the past and will guide you to successfully complete the purchase of an off the plan home.

- Development advice and consultation

We assist companies and individuals to provide complete advice from the early stage to the completion of the entire development project. Our advice at each stage may also assist clients to avoid relevant legal risks and achieve best development outcome. At the same time, we can also provide advice on partnership investment and entity structure in development projects. 

- Due Diligence

Due diligence is the legal process of reviewing and assessing a transaction in detail, including the entities involved and all related transaction documents. Our expert lawyers use proper due diligence process to help you evaluate the potential risks of buying your real estate assets or business assets. You can utilise the results of a due diligence as a negotiation tool in the transaction or rely on results in making final decision of whether to proceed with the transaction or the purchase.  

- Project Conveyancing

The project’s sale and settlement process are complex tasks including various legal and administrative duties. So, you will need a professional team with capacities in different levels to help you manage all sale contacts, settlement and navigate the potential pitfalls.

- Lease Management

Our experienced property lawyers who specialise in lease management, will give you legal advice regarding the management of your commercial, retail or industrial leases especially your property contains many and different types of tenants. 

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