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At Brightstone Legal, our multi-disciplinary legal team works with clients across a broad area of legal practice. We understand and are attentive to our clients’ business and personal needs and have the best and most suitable solicitors to deliver exceptional outcomes.

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Commercial Law and Corporate Advisory

Our practice delivers superior and tailored advice on transactions and commercial matters, corporate governance and regulatory issues. We recognise the value of understanding our client’s mandates, key objectives and business needs to deliver commercially-realistic advice. Brightstone Legal values building strong relationships with our clients to collaboratively address their business needs.

Corporate transactions: Our team has the expertise and experience across various industries, practices and advising corporations of all sizes and age. From adding insight to investment decisions such as private equity transactions to managing debt transactions or expansion of capital deals, Brightstone Legal partners with our clients to leverage on their advantages and take on challenges. With a focus upon coordinated advice, we deliver legal services in the following areas:

• Due diligence across assets, liabilities, transactions and industry practices
• Advise on regulatory requirements, both international and nation-wide
• Structuring investment and exit transactions
• Support negotiations with third-parties or internal stakeholders
• Considering potential litigation risks
• Ensuring compliance

Advising on corporate governance is part of Brightstone Legal’s broader commercial legal practice. We provide full service legal advice in the following areas:

• Corporate governance and compliance
• Board composition and responsibilities
• Director engagement and responsibilities
• Shareholder engagement
• Regulatory investigations and inquiries as well as disclosure obligations
• Registration (incorporation) of companies
• Business names registration and maintenance

Foreign Investment: We are able to assist in the multi-faceted economic landscape of Australia to offer solutions to establish operations in Australia and getting your corporation’s structure right for long-term success. With an understanding of your corporation’s requirements, our team is able to provide insight and advice as to the necessary review processes and regulatory approvals.

Real Estate

The real estate sector is one of the largest industries within Australian economy. Being the law firm of choice among fund managers, investors, developers and owners, we deliver a high-level of service to them with our experience, resources and insights within the industry.

Our team is known for its highly regarded and sought technical and commercial nous. We have extensive experience providing strategic advice to a wide range of local and offshore reputable corporate clients as well as Asian inbound investors across the sector, handling acquisitions, disposals, property developments and project finance.


We also have vast experience in advising clients in buying and selling commercial buildings, industrial and rural estates, and managing leases.

• Acquisitions and disposal of properties
• Commercial and retail leasing
• Foreign investment advisory
• Planning, land use regulation and environmental law
• Joint venture, project management, property and asset management
• Residential, retail and mixed-use developments and project
• Real estate financing

Financial Services

Brightstone Legal recognises the requisite level of regulation in the financial services industry and its associated risks. Our team of professionals can assist with securitisation of assets, facility management, funds management as well as financial services.

At Brightstone Legal, our multidisciplinary team works together closely to ensure that clients are provided with comprehensive and pragmatic solutions to structure their deals and navigate through the reforms within the financial services sector.

Our team is capable of integrating our understanding of current regulatory issues with our client’s business objectives and deliver a package of solution to accommodate and expand your business in this area.

Integrated with our commercial legal practice, our services include:

• Trust deeds/constitutions
• Securitisation, mortgage and personal property matters
• Co-investment agreements
• Australian Financial Services Licensing (AFSL) application and compliance
• Regulatory issues under the Corporations Act


Australia is a world-renowned immigrant country with a well-developed and diverse immigration system. We understand that cross-border business development and individual migration is a big step for overseas companies and individuals.

Brightstone Legal is devoted to delivering valuable services that address the full scope of immigration-related issues. Our immigration lawyers partner with businesses of all sizes and professionals in various area to offer bespoke solutions. We are willing to listen to our customers ‘ needs, understand their distinct requirements and concerns, and help them evolve strategies for success.


At your first consultation with us, you will have a considered strategy as well as an assessment of the likelihood of success and the estimated time and associated costs. From the beginning of your matter until its conclusion, you can expect ongoing communication and professional advocacy on your behalf.

We advise on all aspects of immigration law, including:

    • Skilled and business visa applications for high-net-worth individuals and business owner
    • Temporary and permanent visa applications
    • Internal business process, employer obligation and immigration compliance
    • Family and Resident Return visa applications
    • Review applications, including Administrative Appeals and Judicial Review (Federal Circuit Court, Federal Court and High Court of Australia) matters
    • Visa cancellations and requests for the Minister’ intervention
    • Complex immigration issues, including PIC 4020, Schedule 3 and Character matters

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Resolving disputes is one of the fundamental functions of law. An experienced dispute resolution and litigation lawyer could provide you with guidance to resolve your problems using the most economic, convenient and efficient way without being cost prohibitive.

Brightstone Legal has capable litigation and dispute resolution teams specialising in both civil and criminal matters at courts of all levels.

We handle claims and defences in the state Local, District and Supreme Courts as well as Federal Circuit and Federal Courts. We also actively defend summary offences in Local Courts and indictable offences in the District, Supreme and Federal Courts.

We understand that the perfect solution to a problem is one that takes into account the client’s social, cultural and economic backgrounds. Hence and central to our philosophy is our client-centric approach to deliver tailored solution to our clients’ problems.

When handling disputes, you need clarity and certainty to make an informed decision for your next step. Brightstone Legal’s litigation and dispute resolution team will offer exactly that – clarity, certainty and a suitable solution backed by experience and expertise.

Family Law

Breakups are often stressful and complicated enough without the need to involve lawyers. Uncertainty in how Australia’s complex legal system operates, and the complexity of emotions can make a difficult time even more so, especially with blended assets and finances.

At Brightstone Legal, we are dedicated to providing you with professional yet empathetic advice that will ease your way through these difficult times. We pride ourselves on our unique problem-solving approach to any issues you may have.

Often, the average client does not realise that their matter may expand further than just a single area of law. In Australia’s increasingly diverse cosmopolitan society, it is common to see family law bleeding into the area if migration law.

We believe in taking a holistic and multi-faceted approach when it comes to our clients and making sure they understand the process. Whether seemingly simple, or complicated, we want to help and will go that extra mile for you. Some of the matters we can assist you with are:

• Divorces
• Property and Financial Matters in Divorces and De facto Relationships
• Child Support and Custody Arrangements
• Spousal Maintenance
• Consent Orders
• Mediation

Ethan Wang is the principal founding solicitor of Brightstone Legal. He has established relationship with a wide of multinational clients having practised in commercial sector, real estate and foreign investment projects. His long-term clients including leading China-based investment groups, major local and overseas developers, private equity funds and high net worth individuals.

Ethan has rich experience and expertise in managing real estate development projects, complex commercial acquisitions and due diligence. He is familiar with Australian foreign investment scheme and has handled all kinds of complex foreign investment matters. Ethan also advises on general corporate law and corporate transactions, including corporate restructurings, acquisitions and disposals, corporate governance and cross border corporate matters.

His other areas of practice include Australian financial services, mortgage and commercial dispute resolution.

Principal Solicitor
Managing Director
•LL.B., University of Sydney
•B.Com (Finance), University of Sydney
•High Court of Australia
•Supreme Court of New South Wales

Ethan Wang

Effy Li is the principal founding solicitor of Brightstone Legal. Over her practising years in Australia, Effy has worked with local and international clients on interstate, cross-border property acquisitions, disposals and foreign investment in Australian real estate market. Effy also represents business owners and organisations in commercial transactions such as business and company acquisitions and sales, commercial leases, franchises, loan and partnership agreements.

Prior to the founding of Brightstone Legal, Effy also studied Law in China and has amassed Chinese foreign investment experience. Equipped with a thorough understanding of both legal systems, she has provided legal advice on state-owned Chinese oil & gas company for their restructuring and outbound investment into Australia.

Principal Solicitor
• J.D., University of New South Wales
Admissions :
•High Court of Australia
• Supreme Court of New South Wales

Effy Li

Ken Yee is the head of Brightstone Legal China office. Prior to joining Brightstone Legal, he has worked with a prestigious international administrative/immigration law practice.

Ken has unparalleled experience and success rate in visa application. He specialises in assisting high net worth individuals in developing immigration plans and providing legal advice to circumvent potential immigration risks. In addition, he assists many medium to large enterprises to formulate
migration plans in order to achieve cross border business goals and key performance indicators.

Ken’s list of clients ranges from Fortune 500 companies to medium to large state-owned enterprises and start-ups.

Ken’s areas of service include foreign investment, real estate and providing commercial and strategic advice.

Head of China Office
•LL.B., University of Sydney
•B.Com, University of Sydney
•Supreme Court of New South Wales

Ken Yee

Xiu Hui practices in the corporate and commercial sector and advises mainly on business acquisition, commercial property projects, financing transactions and financial services. She values and advises on all aspects of drafting and negotiation, contract administration, protection and dispute resolution. Further, she has advised clients in matters relating to regulatory compliance in both the commercial and financial services space.

Xiu Hui started her career working at a general practice firm and has experience in house. In her course of work, she is pragmatic and detailed. She consistently engages her client to provide a balanced approach that is commercially astute.

•LL.B., University of Sydney
•B.Sc, University of Sydney
•High Court of Australia
•Supreme Court of New South Wales

Xiuhui Chow

In the years of her practice, Yolanda has handled a large number of complex immigration and family law matters. She is dedicated to helping clients find the best way to resolve disputes between family, regarding property and child custody as well as cross-border cooperation to address her client’s commercial problems.

With Yolanda’s in-depth understanding of the immigration policies in Australia, she is able to provide detailed advice to entrepreneurs looking to immigrate to Australia that complements a client’s wealth management portfolio. In handling a spouse immigration or business migration matter, Yolanda is experienced at identifying potential issues encountered with family law and is able to give her clients a comprehensive visa application plan.

•J.D., University of New South Wales
•High Court of Australia
•Supreme Court of New South Wales

Yolanda Wang

Shuonan started his career working at an accredited migration specialist firm. Thereafter, he commenced working in-house for a group of public listed companies focusing on ASIC and ASX compliances as well as complex transactions, before working as an independent business development consultant. Shuonan later returned to the legal industry and focused on litigation and court work. He has had independent carriage of complex matters in the Federal Courts, State Supreme Courts and District Courts, as well as handling numerous Local Court civil and criminal cases.

Shuonan’s primary areas of practice are company and commercial transactions; commercial, civil and criminal litigations as well as migration law.

•LL.B., University of Sydney
•B.Ec, University of Sydney
•High Court of Australia
•Supreme Court of New South Wales

Shuonan Zhao

Yinlu has many years of experience practicing in the legal profession with a multicultural background. Prior to joining Brightstone Legal, she managed her own boutique legal practice in Sydney.

Yinlu had represented and assisted local and international property developers, listed companies in the pharmaceutical field and brand supermarket chains. Her areas of expertise include real estate, Australian business establishment, leasing, franchising, civil litigation and dispute resolution. She is proficient at communicating with overseas investors as well as advising on corporate structures and budding business and investment enterprises in Australia.

•LL.B., University of Sydney ,
• B.Com, University of Sydney
•High Court of Australia
•Supreme Court of New South Wale

Yinlu Sun

Annie started her career working at a general practice firm that allowed her to gain experience in a number of areas of law including civil, criminal, family and general commercial matters. Annie then focused her career on assisting clients with civil matters including litigation in the Supreme Court, Federal Courts and lower courts; commercial matters involving Intellectual Property rights protection and enforcement, drafting and reviewing corporate and commercial documents and financing facilities. She has had independent carriage of complex matters and has been the instructing solicitor of senior counsels for various high-value cases.

Annie’s primary areas of practice are commercial and civil litigation, corporate and commercial transactions and Intellectual Property.

•LL.B., University of New South Wales
•B.Com, University of New South Wales
•High Court of Australia
•Supreme Court of New South Wales

Annie Yanran Wang

Stephanie started her pre-admission career as a clerk in a family law accredited specialist practice. After finding her passion for family law, she practiced in a generalist firm in Sydney CBD, which put her in a unique position to handle a variety of challenging cases, spanning different areas of law, with frequent appearances in New South Wales and Federal courts. She is a panel lawyer of the Legal Aid Family Law Panel and Summary Criminal Law Panel.

Stephanie mainly handles complex family law matters with large asset pools and/or complicated parenting issues, and criminal law matters. She is dedicated to meeting the client’s needs and ensuring that they receive the best possible outcome.

•LL.B., University of Queensland
•High Court of Australia
•Supreme Court of New South Wales

Stephanie Wong

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