Visa Application Charge Increases

Every year the visa application charges are subject to an indexation increase. Last year, this did not occur, presumably due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, as normal, the visa application charges have been indexed.

A full list of the visa application charge increases will be published on the Department’s website on 01 July 2021. Prior to this, you can review the updated fees on the legislative instrument. 

Most visas will be increasing by at least 1.75% with all Business Innovation and Investment scheme visas (except Entrepreneur stream) increasing by 11.345%+1.75% in total. 

AAT Review Fee Increase

Other than this, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal has also announced that the fees for review will increase from $1,826 to $3,000. The fee for AAT review refugee/protection visa will not increase. 

Citizenship Application Charge Increase

The standard citizenship application fee will increase to $490. For different scenarios including concession fee, resumption application, evidence of Australian citizenship etc., these fees are all increased. For the exact fee, please visit the Department’s website for the most up to date fee. 

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